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Spiritual Dream Dictionary

          Spiritual Dream Dictionary

The Spiritual Dream Dictionary is based on understanding the chakra soul gateways of dreaming and their specialized functions, as well as the solar, lunar and weekly influences in our dreams.  I encourage everyone using this dictionary to participate in our weekly teleclasses to learn more about this fascinating soul process.

The Spiritual Dream Dictionary was created over a ten year period of recording and tracing my dreams.  Utilizing the foundations set forth by my Spiritual Teacher, I was able to condense and reorganize the formula into a system that readily opens the codes contained within a dream.  As a spiritual scientist, I corroborated and integrated the formula into my own ascension process. 

Utilizing the formula, I retraced my recorded dreams back to 1980 which revealed a secret soul mission.  Over the course of time, this mission has changed shape and form many times, yet the essence has always remained the same.

The journey has encouraged me to embrace my soul's covenant as the multi-dimensional aspects of myself have been recalled, understood and integrated, unveiling a much grander participation in the ascension process than I ever envisioned.  This has allowed my work to expand and grow into a cosmic understanding of the dream weaving process. 


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Spiritual Dream Dictionary

The dream dictionary is based on a spiritual interpretation of the dream world based on the soul's language of light in the form of symbols, codes, color, and the elements. The dictionary is organized in alphabetical order from A to Z for easy accessibility.



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